Career in Banks

Banks offer different varieties of jobs to the aspirants. These opportunities can be broadly divided into three categories 1) Bank Clerks 2) Bank PO (Probationary officers) 3) Specialist officers. At Aim & Achieve, we offer best coaching for Bank PO/Clerk entrance examination in Delhi/NCR area.

Bank examinations are highly competitive now-a-days. As the numbers of jobs are increasing continuously so are the numbers of aspirants. These jobs are becoming popular day by day due to the security and job satisfaction they offer. Well, it is true that these examinations are one tough cookie to crack but good and well directed preparation will surely help you to come out with winning colors.

Bank exams are not that tough, the questions are generally easy to solve. The issue lies in limited number of seats available and little time to solve the questions.

Bank clerks handle various tasks that include Financial, personnel, Interest and accounts administration, Security and many more.

A Bank Probationary Officer (PO) in the bank is the starting level appointment for bank officers and the promotional prospects are quite healthy with the work as it defining the limit for the candidate's success. Job profile of PO (Probationary Officer) is General Banking, administration work and any other work assigned by the Bank from time to time.

A Bank PO can be asked to do anything till the completion of its probation period. After the confirmation he/she can give tasks having routine work like posting, scrolling or advances or anything that is related to banking. He/she generally assigned to various responsibilities, as directed by the Sr. Manager. They are trained for accounting, marketing, finance, investment as well as billing.