How to Tackle online IBPS Exams

Since 2012, IBPS has started to take its examination online in lines of green India initiative. An online examination has its own advantages over traditional pen & paper tests. But student has to be well versed in online regard. Best way to handle online exam pattern successfully is to enroll for a online test series. Aim & Achieve provides one of best online test series available in the market as per the latest IBPS exam trends. The OTS of Aim & Achieve are very affordable and of immense use to the aspirants.

Hot Tips for online IBPS examination

  • Benefits of offline mode
    • Many students feel that they can read easily from paper compared to glaring at computer screens.
    • Circling questions for later review is easy
    • Doing small calculations on question paper itself
    • These reasons may vary from student to student, you may also have your own
  • How to handle online exams
    • If you are naïve to computers, to start online may be difficult for you. But once you start with some good online test series as of Aim & Achieve for instance, you will get accustomed to online examinations with time.
    • Practice is the key here
    • Navigations are far easier. You can jump for one section to other by just a mouse click.
    • You can easily add/remove questions to/from review list. One advice would be to answer the question even if you are adding it to the review list.
    • Clock is always in front of you, constantly ticking. This force you to manage your time properly.
    • Stats are available all the time (no of questions attempted, added to review list etc)
    • Option to change a answer is now available with online version
    • Last bit of advice – do practice your mock test papers online. Join Aim & Achieve for IBPS Coaching for best possible results.