• Conquer GK: Your Weekly GK Quiz (1-7 Feb, 2017)

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    Conquer GK: Your Weekly GK Quiz (1-7 Feb, 2017)1. Which of the following is the capital of United Arab Emirates?
    a) Vienna
    b) Sofia
    c) Abu Dhabi
    d) Berlin
    e) Moscow

    2. Which of the following country becomes world’s first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels?
    a) Portugal
    b) Ireland
    c) Russia
    d) China
    e) Japan

    3. Which of the following bank has announced an agency tie-up for its products with Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd (FGIL)?
    a) State Bank of India (SBI)
    b) Canara Bank
    c) United Bank of India
    d) Bank of Maharashtra (BOM)
    e) Corporation Bank

    4. Which of the following award-winning Hollywood film producer and Wimbledon tennis player has been appointed by the United Nations as India Goodwill Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
    a) Ashok Amritraj
    b) Mira Nair
    c) Kal Penn
    d) Aziz Ansari
    e) Bhairavi Desai

    5. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has decided to set up ________  weather stations in districts of the country by 2019.
    a) 650
    b) 660
    c) 600
    d) 160
    e) 580

    6. Who among the following has been elected as president of the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) at the annual general body meeting at Gurugram (Haryana)?
    a) Shri. Prabhat C Chaturvedi
    b) Shri.D.R.Choudhary,
    c) Shri.Dushyant Chautala
    d) Shri. D.V. Sundar
    e) None of these

    6. The Indian Coast Guard is celebrating its 40th Anniversary on _____________.
    a) 7th February, 2017
    b) 31st February, 2017
    c) 9th February, 2017
    d) 3rd February, 2017
    e) 2nd February, 2017

    7. The two-day programming committee meeting of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) has been started in which of the following Country?
    a) Maldives
    b) Kathmandu (Nepal)
    c) New Delhi (India)
    d) Pakistan
    e) Afghanistan

    8. The 31st Surajkund International Crafts Mela has been started in which of the following Indian City?
    a) Faridabad
    b) Panipat
    c) Sonipat
    d) Gurgram
    e) None of these

    9. According to the Economic Survey of India (ESI) 2017, What is the India’s GDP growth forecast for the FY 18?
    a) 6.75% to 7.5%
    b) 6.25% to 8.35%
    c) 7.15% to 8.15%
    d) 6.05 % to 7.25%
    e) None of these

    10. Recently, the historic Right to Information (RTI) Act has come into force in which of the following country?
    a) Nepal
    b) China
    c) Sri Lanka
    d) Bangladesh
    e) Bhutan

    11. Who among the following India’s young shuttler has become the World No 1 Junior Badminton player in the latest rankings of the Badminton World Federation (BWF)?
    a) Siddhanth Gupta
    b) Lakshya Sen
    c) Vikas Yadav
    d) Chirag Sen
    e) None of these

    12. Which of the following engineering agency is planning to remeasure the height the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest?
    a) NASA
    b) Survey of India
    c) National Science Foundation
    d) Survey of Russia
    e) None of these

    13. With which of the following state government apple has signed an agreement to set up a manufacturing plant in India?
    a) Uttar Pradesh
    b) Karnataka
    c) Delhi
    d) Andhra Pradesh
    e) West Bengal

    14. World Wetland Day is observed on __________.
    a) 3rd February
    b) 1st February
    c) 10th February
    d) 2nd February
    e) 21st May

    15. Who among the following has been selected as the new CEO (chief executive officer) and MD (Managing Director) of National Stock Exchange (NSE)?
    a) Prakash Parthasarathy
    b) Vikram Limaye
    c) Dinesh Kanabar
    d) Ashok Chawla
    e) None of these

    16. The Union Urban Development Ministry has appointed which of the following Bollywood actress as the new female ambassador of the ‘Swachh Bharat Campaign?
    a) Anushka Sharma
    b) Vidya Balan
    c) Deepika Padukone
    d) Aishwarya Rai
    e) Rani Mukherjee

    17. What is the capital and currency of Ireland?
    a) Jerusalem, Sheqel
    b) Male, Rufiyaa
    c) Baghdad, Dinar
    d) Tokyo, Yen
    e) Dublin, Euro

    18. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Director of NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation Limited)?
    a) Prakash Parthasarathy
    b) Rajiv Jain
    c) Nikhil Meswani
    d) Anand Kumar Gupta
    e) None of these

    19. Bano Qudsia, who passed away recently was the renowned novelist of which of the following language?
    a) Hindi
    b) Urdu
    c) Sanskrit
    d) Kannada
    e) None of these

    20. Which of the following country will host two international events in 2017,  the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup and FIBA Under-16 Women’s Asian Championship, the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) announced?
    a) Sri Lanka
    b) India
    c) Pakistan
    d) Afghanistan
    e) Nepal

    1. c) Abu Dhabi
    2. b) Ireland
    3. d) Bank of Maharashtra (BOM)
    4. a) Ashok Amritraj
    5. b) 660
    6. c) Shri.Dushyant Chautala
    7. b) Kathmandu (Nepal)
    8. a) Faridabad
    9. a) 6.75% to 7.5%
    10. c) Sri Lanka
    11. b) Lakshya Sen
    12. b) Survey of India
    13. b) Karnataka
    14. d) 2nd February
    15.b) Vikram Limaye
    16. a) Anushka Sharma
    17. e) Dublin, Euro
    18. d) Anand Kumar Gupta
    19. b) Urdu
    20. b) India

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