• Daily Current Affairs: 6th July, 2018

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    1. Language Census 2011 – Tribal language speakers decline
      • The Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India released the 2011 Census data on Language and Mother Tongue.
      • Key Highlights of the 2011 Census data
        • As per the 2011 census, 43.63 percent of Indians speak Hindi as their mother tongue.
        • Bengali, with 8.03 percent speakers, is second in the list, followed by Marathi at 3rd with 6.86 percent speakers, Telugu at 4th with 6.7 percent speakers and Tamil at 5th with 5.7 percent speakers.
        • In all, 13 of the 22 scheduled languages were reported as the mother tongue by at least 1 percent of the population.
        • Except for Sanskrit, each of the 21 scheduled languages was reported as the mother tongue by at least 10 lakh people.
        • Sanskrit is the only language that is spoken by a set of around 25000 people.
      • The lower population growth in the five Dravidian language-speaking states, namely Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has resulted in the fall in proportion of Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam language speakers.
    2. Test of Crew Escape System conducted by ISRO
      • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on July 5, 2018 conducted successful flight testing of ‘Crew Escape System’.
      • The Crew Escape System
        • An emergency escape measure designed to quickly pull the crew module along with the astronauts to a safe distance from the launch vehicle in the event of a launch abort.
        • The first test (Pad Abort Test) demonstrated the safe recovery of the crew module in case of any exigency at the launch pad.
      • Highlights:
        • ISRO tested the crew escape system for its new crew capsule in an emergency pad abort test (PAT).
        • The Crew Escape System along with the simulated crew module with a mass of 12.6 tonnes, lifted off from its launch pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, following a smooth countdown of 5 hours.
        • The test, which lasted for around 259 seconds, a little over 3 minutes, involved aborting the crew module at launch to save the astronauts.
    3. European Parliament rejects EU’s controversial copyright law
      • European Parliament lawmakers on July 5, 2018 rejected a highly controversial European Union copyright law proposal that was proposed by Beatles legend Paul McCartney against the creators of Wikipedia.
      • The draft law proposed to put more responsibility on websites to check for copyright infringements and forced platforms to pay for linking to news.
      • The move was intended to bring the EU’s copyright laws in line with the digital age, but instead, it led to protests from the websites and much debate.
    4. NSG becomes 1st central force to opt for eticketing
      • The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) signed a MoU with the National Security Guard (NSG) at the headquarters of the special force, New Delhi.
      • This system will eliminate the need for carrying railway warrants by the NSG personnel.
    5.  CoE for Data Science and AI
      • National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) opened a Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and signed a MoU with NITI Aayog to collaboratively foster applied research, accelerating adoption and ethics, privacy and security.
      • The aim is to strengthen the country’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem.
      • Nasscom will also include NITI Aayog as a knowledge partner.
    6. The northern white rhinos would be saved by Test-tube embryos from extinction
      • Scientists have grown hybrid embryos from the sperm of near-extinct northern white rhinoceroses in the laboratory, hoping to save the species.
      • The northern white rhino is the world’s most endangered mammal. The last male northern white rhino, Sudan is dead and 2 infertile females live in Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy.
      • Scientists did manage to collect around 300 milliliters of semen from the last four bull rhinos. They hope to reestablish the species population by In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technique.
    7. Animals to be ‘legal persons’ – Uttarakhand High Court
      • A division bench of Justices Rajiv Sharma and Lokpal Singh bestowed the unique status on the animal kingdom while issuing a series of directions to prevent cruelty against animals.
    8.  1 percent reservation for 5 communities, including Gujjars – Rajasthan government
      • The five communities who benefit from this order of the Rajasthan government are – Godia Lohar, Banjara, Gujjar, Raika and Gadaria.
      • Two separate orders have been issued by the state government – one for admission to educational institutions, and the other for government jobs.
    9. ‘Poshan Abhiyan’ to eradicate malnutrition – Gujarat CM
      • ‘Poshan Abhiyan’ – a statewide mission to eradicate malnutrition among children by providing them nutritious food through Anganwadi centres.
      • He also launched ‘Purna’ project to eliminate malnutrition among girls in the age group of 14 to 18, at an allocated cost of Rs 270 crore.
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