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    Bank PO Study PlanFor past few years, banking jobs are raining for almost all posts. These opportunities will be continued in banking sector for upcoming years. If any person seeks for banking job, he can try for different cadre of banking recruitment posts. Most of the bank po & clerk exams include three stages or round of qualifying nature of competitive exams or interview.

    Most important thing is to clear all sections of every stage of bank po & clerk examinations or interview round to be successful in banking exams.

    Success in Bank PO & Bank Clerk exam can be achieved, even in first attempt, if aspiring candidates have a proper & streamlined study plan to crack bank po & clerk exams.

    The study plan for banking exams is summarized below in 10 steps.

    1. Focus on weaker section: Aspiring candidates need to focus & take care of those section and subjects in which they find the difficulties & higher time performance.
    2. Time Management: One of the most important factors to crack any competitive exam us the time i.e. in what fraction of time, correct solution of any question is done. It will require adopting short cut and tricky method to solve questions from quantitative section.
    3. Short cut & Trick: It is very important to solve questions which require some calculation work out to solve in minimum time frame. Always there are many different ways to solve a question. Candidates must try & follow those rules & tricks to save time.
    4. Perfect timetable: Just stick with a proper routine to utilize the full day time. There should be time allocation for every work and activity which are important in life.
    5. Basic Concept: While completing any subject or topic, it is very necessary to understand the basic fundamental concept. It gives a better command over that subjects & Topics of bank po & clerk exams.
    6. Solve as many Practice Sets: By solving as may practice sets of bank po & clerk, candidates can increase the accuracy & confident over the subjects & it will also helpful in increasing performance in term of Ranking & time consumption.
    7. Group Discussion: For remembering any thing for a long period of time, Discussion can be very helpful. Group discussions not only boost the confidence but also make able to get different kinds of views over any particular topic. It helps to gain more knowledge by getting others opinion while preparing for bank po & clerk exams.
    8. Quality Study Materials: Well prepared quality study material for bank po & clerk can be very helpful to get the adequate knowledge of subjects & better practice & command over the topics & subjects.
    9. News & Editorial Reading: Reading news & editorial can give a broad view over those topic & event which are very important & have a big effect on society. Questions from those news or events are asked in bank po & clerk exams. Most of the newspapers publish the editorial sections on different topics & events with the elaboration of views.
    10. Maintain Coolness: Aspiring candidates need to maintain their behavior & coolness if the situation is not going through in their favor. It is just matter of time. It might be possible that things are not going well as per planning. It will be better to give time & keep patience.
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